Shades of Day/New Projects

"Crime and Punishment, LA"
A second part of our Dostoyevsky-LA Project after "Shades of Day" - a contemporary retelling of the classical story taking, place during the LA riots of 1993.

"The Idiot, LA"
A third part of our Dostoyevsky-LA Project - contemporary international thriller inspired by classic novel "Idiot".

"Love Game"

Is a pay per view real-life drama/game show putting one man against one woman in a contest of love and death. PRAISE FOR THE SCRIPT by the Academy Award Winning Actor Listen       Read
 "Dare To Dream"
A teenager's fantasy about a boy using extra terrestrial forces through a personal computer for the realization of his dreams.



"Shades of Blood Or The Special Vampires in  Hollywood"                                         Horror-Romance. An unusual retelling of "Shades of Day's" Story. In Preparation.

"Catherine 1,2"
A suspenseful fantasy about a dead fashion model resurrected by her lover. 

"Larry and Freedom"

A tragicomedy loosely based on the book about the famous South West healer (pending the rights). Larry miraculously survives the complications of a heart surgery by trying to correct the errors of his previous life.

"The Defense "
A contemporary fable about the former world champion of chess seeing life as a chess game. Inspired by V. Nabokov's novel. Script consultant - G. Nesis - coach of the 14th world champion of Chess (Las Vegas, 1999).