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LA 2016

"The film has a magical look... Quite an achievement!" Jonathan Dana, producer, former Director of Acquisition and Development for Samuel Goldwyn Company.

"Crisply shot, the film has a gritty quality that captures the struggling underside of L.A. In some ways it is Director Sumin’s hymn to Los Angeles.” Wade Majors, film critic - ENTERTAINMENT TODAY

"Stunning visuals! . . ." Francesca Elizabeth Miller, film critic - IN L.A. MAGAZINE, NIGHTLIFE TONIGHT

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Filmmakers - Vitaly Sumin

After receiving an M.S. degree in Oceanography, Vitaly Sumin produced ocean-related documentaries (Jacques Cousteau style) which eventually led him to abandon his scientific career to get a B.A. degree in film directing. He subsequently worked as a co-writer and producer on numerous productions. Sumin’s award winning short film "From Womb To Tomb", which he wrote, directed edited, and produced, made a world tour of important festivals.

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Vitaly Sumin