Water Mill, NY 11076

FAX TO: Vitaly Sumin

FROM: Cliff Robertson

Thanks for your telephone call yesterday regarding your screenplays "Love Game" and "Idiot, LA". There are many aspects about your films that I find most interesting. Having finished my 58th and 59th staring movies ("Curse of the 13th Child" and "Spider-Man"), I'm always looking for new horizons -- new dimensions in the characters I am asking to portray.I am gratified that you are interested in the possibility of my playing in both of theses films, indeed doubly gratified, for it presents a double opportunity to bring to the table what ever creative insights and talents I may possess. And just as importantly, an opportunity for you to direct those qualities in a meaningful and excellent films.I look forward to hearing from you. With kind regards and appreciation.

Yours truly,

Cliff Robertson



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