A Man, A Woman, Two Guns, One Bullet
And one Million Dollars


"LOVE GAME" is a pay per view real-life drama/game show putting one man against one woman in a contest of love and death.



 by an Academy Award Winning actor


PRIMARY RULE: Upon the death of one of the players, the other is declared the winner and receives a cash prize of $1,000,000 plus percentage of future sales of the videotaped show and other ancillaries.
CONTESTANTS: KEITH, a 32-year-old hotel waiter who, just out of college, moved to LA to be an actor. LAURA, a 22-year-old. She hopes to win “Love Game” and use the money to finance her father's lifesaving liver transplant operation.
ORGANIZERS: STEVE, 28, unsuccessful filmmaker. He's the Producer and Director of Love Game. SAM MANLEY, 69. A son of an actor and former Vietnam veteran Sam used to be a literary agent. Steve happens to be his last client.
INVESTORS: BILL OXFORD - 60, plump and arrogant, fabulously wealthy, a semi-retired speculator. Friend of Sam since the Vietnam War (they both served in the same unit). Bill is newly married to… NANCY - a very attractive twenty-seven year old. She and Keith initially met in an East Coast college and moved together to Los Angeles.


LOVE GAME -  exciting action-adventure-thriller
Who will die? Who will win?
not what you expected!..


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