Crime and Punishment, LA

The third film in our Dostoyevsky-LA Project (following Shades of Day & Notes From the New World) - a re-envisioning of Dostoyevsky's classic novel transported to LA during the riots of 1992.


The script has made it to the top 8 for the European Co-Production Matchmaking Program, which was featured during the 2017 panel of SXSW

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The Idiot

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The fourth film in our Dostoyevsky-LA Project - a contemporary international thriller inspired by The Idiot . The script received a development grant from the Warner Bros. Fund. 

Shades of Blood or The Special Vampires in Hollywood

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Horror-romance. An offbeat reworking of Shades of Day, which is itself an off-beat contemporary version of White Nights (as befits a Dostoyevsky-inspired project, the plot ever-thickens).

 Currently in preparation - a movie and a book (the novel)

Nancy's Game

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Nancy (25), an aspiring writer, decides to test the validity of her book “Love Game” against reality. With the help of two former soldiers of the American-led intervention in the Syrian Civil War, her husband - the movie studio executive, a hooker and a homeless, she stages a “war game” in a boot camp. Will Nancy’s book where no killings take place, stand the test of life? Well, fiction and reality don’t play by the same rules.

Love Game

Is a pay-per-view real-life drama/game show pitting one man against one woman in a contest of love and death.

The script has been praised by Academy Award-winning actor Cliff Robertson

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Dare To Dream

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The inspiring tale of a teenager who uses extra-terrestrial forces with the help of his personal computer to achieve the realization of his dreams.

Catherine 1,2

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A suspense-filled fantasy about a dead fashion model resurrected by her lovers.

Larry and Freedom

A tragicomedy loosely based on the book about a famous Southwest healer. Larry miraculously survives the complications of heart surgery by attempting to correct the errors of his previous life.

The Defense

A contemporary fable. Life is viewed as a game of chess through the eyes of a former world champion. Inspired by V. Nabokov's novel. Our script consultant, G. Nesis, was the coach to the winner during the14th World Championship of Chess (Las Vegas, 1999).

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VM Productions at Cannes Film Festival & Market. Vitaly Sumin is on the far right

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