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September 22, 2018

VM Productions is pleased to announce that our movie Shades of Day  is a winner with the award  for Best Neo-Noir Feature Film by the 3rd Infest International Film Festival - Cine de Auteur, Palma De Mallorca, Spain



   Films Infest is an independent initiative of independent film producers, Screen Art Films and Cautor Films, based in Mallorca and Barcelona.  


 From the Manifesto by the Festival:

We believe that every creator, thinker, scientist or artist, is a herb that is born with the will to be a splendid tree. What would have been of Mozart, Einstein, Warhol, Truffaut, or Steve Jobs if their way had been blocked just at the beginning?  


September 12-15, 2018

VM Productions is pleased to announce that our movie Notes from the New World  is a winner with the award for Best Feature Film by the 4th Atlantic International Film Festival, Barranquilla, Colombia. The official selection included 44 films representing 27 countries chosen from over 1,100 entries from 82 countries:





July 12-14, 2018

VM Productions is pleased to announce that our movie Notes from the New World  has been officially selected for the screenings by the prestigious 4th World MonteCine Festival in Montevideo, capital of Uruguay. Screenings: July12th-14th - SEE YOU THERE! https://montecine2015.wixsite.com/montecine/largometrajes2018



June 15, 2018





April 28, 2018:  VM Productions is pleased to announce that our movie Shades of Day - Director’s Cut has been officially selected for the screenings by the prestigious Cine de Auteur - Infest Films Festival in Palma de Mallorca, Spain (in 2017 Claudia Cardinale was the special presenter of the Festival).

The event:  September 22, 2018.

From the Festival’s Manifesto: “We want to promote artists with free and plural visions that contribute to the efforts of making this world more tolerant, away from so called “one minded thinking”. The truth is in every human being. It only takes one to explain it and another one to listen”.   





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FEBRUARY 24, 2018

From iFilmmaker International Film Festival :

Congratulations! Your Film has been accepted to "I Filmmaker International Film Festival". The jury had a very difficult time deciding which films would be selected due the outstanding quality of films submitted, 737 films from 75 countries. Now that your film has been selected, you must know that you are part of our OFFICIAL SELECTION of 33 films in 16 categories (including 3 nominations for the best feature film) that will be screened at the event.


JANUARY 16, 2018

From Moscow Indie Festival :

Congratulations! This is a great day because we have the honor to announce that your trailer for Notes From the New World just won at the Best Trailer / Teaser category of our Gagarin Edition!..”




 OCTOBER 17-21, 2017

4th Festival Brasil de Cinema Internacional, Rio de Janeiro.

 Notes From the New World is the Winner!   The award: Best International Film.

 Left-Bottom – Rosario Boyer- FBCI Director, presents the prize



As per the Festival’s site: FESTIVAL BRASIL DE CINEMA INTERNACIONAL is a major showcase of Brazilian and international audio-visual productions. It serves as a stimulus for the filmmakers - acting as an important window of exhibition and diffusion in order to fulfil its primary mission: promotion of the best Art cinema productions and dissemination of culture in the world.


SEPTEMBER 25, 2017  - Alternative Film Festival, Toronto, Canada:

Shades of Day  & Notes from the New World have been nominated for Best Drama, Best Mystery/Thriller/Suspense, Best Writer and Best Director in ‘Feature Category’ - Fall 2017: http://www.altff.org/winners.html



JULY 15-23, 2017 - Notes from the New World in Beijing, China!

Our movie is selected for the screenings in the prestigious French Institute in Beijing.

See you there!

There are the three opportunities to enjoy:

July 15, 2017: 15:45

July 16, 2017: 13:00

July 23, 2017: 13:30

For more info - please contact us and/or click here




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APRIL 22, 2017 - VM Productions is happy to announce that our film Notes from the New World received award for BEST MYSTERY FILM at Canada’s Vancouver Filmdance Festival, one of the city’s biggest film events.



The main goal of the festival is to present the most exciting and inspiring new works on film being made today, and also to promote an understanding and appreciation of the world through moving pictures.



The Festival takes place in one of the best Arthouse venues of Vancouver - Vancity Theater. The screening: again - April 22nd at 12:50PM. See you there!..




MARCH 10, 2017 - Our project Crime and Punishment, LA  made it to the top 8 for the European Co-Production Matchmaking Program, which will be featured during a panel at this year's SXSW!

C&P, LA – represent the third chapter of our ambitious “LA-Dostoyevsky Project” - a re-envisioning of Dostoyevsky's classic novel transported to LA during the riots of 1992.

See you in Austin!


FEBRUARY 16-23, 2017 -Notes from the New World was selected for the official

competition and was screened in Bodhisatva International Film Festival in Patna, the second-largest city in eastern India after Kolkata.The festival took care of the costs of the travel and the accommodation in the festival’s hotel.  



All in all, the festival was great. The Golden prize in the international Competition category was awarded (and rightly so!) to the talented film director from Kirgizia Dastan Zhapar Uulu for his film “The Father’s Will”. The Silver award got Samten Bhutia, the film director from Nepal. Both directors belong to the countries that have the deep historical and cultural roots with India. No “Special Mention” was awarded to the other 8 films in competition – despite the high level of all the films selected for this category. Such a choice by the jury most probably represents the policy of the festival focusing on the advancement of the great geographical area extending from India to the friendly neighboring countries. Personally I would nominate for the awards + at least a couple of other films in the category of the International Competition– to begin with “Street Art Symphony” with Aida Gomez made in Berlin, by the Spanish film director Fernando Epelde Garcia. To make it short, this festival in Patna appears to be one of the most serious festivals that the writer of these notes has ever attended. The team of the organizers has done an exceptional job by selecting the great independent films. All the films in the Indian National Competition category were made outside so called Bollywood. It was an enormous pleasure and satisfaction to discover the rich, strong, sophisticated, independent Indian cinema done with knowledge and appreciation for the history of world cinema but based on the extraordinary local material that I had no idea about. All in all like most of the attendees of the festival – I must say – Kudos for the Bodhisattva International Film Festival!  


On the photos: - Upper left - with Fernado, Aida and Dastan. Upper center: with Fernando, Aida and Ganga Kumar, Festival's Director. Upper right (left to right) with Arpan Roy, Festival Programmer and Supervisor , Premendra Mazumdar, Chief Festival Advisor  and Dastan. Center right - with Dastan.

DECEMBER 11, 2016 -Sunday 1PM--The Producers Club (near Times Square) - New York City  




OCTOBER 18TH, 2016: We are honored to accept the award for BEST ARTISTIC CONTRIBUTION OVERALL GRAND JURY WINNER at the Los Angeles World International Film Festival 2016. We were thrilled just to be a part of this incredible festival that reaches beyond international borders, and winning this award made it that much more special. This festival appeals to exactly the type of eclectic, intelligent, thoughtful movie-lover we wanted to reach with our film, and we couldn't have been happier to be included among a diverse collection of amazing films. As a bonus, we got to premiere our film in the Crest Westwood Theatre - a jewel of a venue. This has been an amazing experience, and we are so honored to have been a part of this festival.




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MAY 7th, 2016:  VM Productions is pleased to announce that two films from our Dostoyevsky-LA Project, Shades of Day & Notes from the New World, have been awarded, respectively, the Gold and Bronze awards by the prestigious Los Angeles Neo Noir Novel, Film & Script Festival. The festival committee received close to 1,000 submissions, and close to 650 were awarded with honorable mentions. Our projects ranked in the top 150 submissions. All submissions were screened solely for industry professionals and a team of anonymous judges.                                                                               


Both films will be screened at the LA Neo Noir Nooner event, a private event for grand jury prize winners only, on May 28 in LA. The event has been hailed by L.A. Weekly as the film festival with "the world's sexiest, darkest, crime films."


Listen to our Director of Communications Stacey Osborne, who called in to the L.A. Neo Noir Festival Radio Show on May 21 to discuss our TWO award-winning films with show host Shonnese C.L. Coleman (aka Courageous Love) and LA Neo Noir Novel, Script and Film Festival director and creator Carey Westbrook  Click here to listen!


We will premiere both Shades of Day and Notes from the New World in NYC and LA later this year. For free tickets to the premieres and the parties that follow, sign up for our newsletter!
http://www.dostoevsky-bts.com/landing.html    Click Here Now! (and win special prizes!)


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MARCH 20th, 2016: VM Productions is happy to announce that we have just signed a non-inclusive distribution agreement with Intellect Pictures, film production, finance and distribution Corporation based in Los Angeles and Toronto. The goal of the company is to provide the feature film industry with thoughtful and unique content through narrative storytelling.  

Award winning films distributed by Intellect Pictures are presented in all basic International Film Festivals. One of them - The World International Film Festival is a global Industry event held around the year in the world biggest cities. Unlike many festivals, World International Film Festival has dedicated itself to making a difference in the lives of different people by helping to fulfill their dreams in the world of film. Over $2.3 million has been donated over the years to provide new technologies for optimal learning in the form of grants and scholarships.


Considering all the required deliveries we at VM Productions hope to be ready for the US theatrical premieres in LA and NYC by this autumn.

Stay tuned!


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JANUARY 30TH, 2016: Both Shades of Day and Notes from the New World of our Dostoyevsky-LA Project have been officially selected for the Singapore World International Film Festival 2016 (to begin with). 
The World International Film Festival is a global Industry event held throughout the year in the world biggest cities: New York City, Los Angeles, Toronto, London, Hong Kong, Singapore, Brisbane, Rome, Berlin, Amsterdam and Vienna
To be continued!  


NOVEMBER 29TH, 2015: VM Productions is pleased to announce that our film Notes from the New World  based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novella Notes from the Underground and directed by Vitaly Sumin has been invited by the Los Angeles Neo-Noir Film Festival to participate in its 2016 edition.’


NOVEMBER 2ND 2015:  VM  Productions is pleased to announce that the film SHADES OF DAY-DIRECTOR'S CUT 2013 based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novella WHITE NIGHTS and directed by Vitaly Sumin has been officially selected by the prestigious 12th Blow-Up Chicago International Arthouse Film Festival

NOVEMBER 17th 2014:  Our New site - dedicated to the feature length behind the scenes documentary Dostoyevsky Reimagined (in post-production) is on the air! Enjoy the visit! Read the blogs!

JUNE 27th 2014:  VM  Productions is pleased to announce that the film SHADES OF DAY-DIRECTOR'S CUT 2013 based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's novella WHITE NIGHTS has been  screened at 21:00 at the prestigious 22nd Annual Festival of Festivals 2014 of St.Petersburg, Russia's largest festival featuring outstanding works of international and Russian cinema (www.filmfest.ru).  

People wait before the screening. In this non competitive festival (taking place in St.Petersburg during the fairy-tailish White Nights!..) they screened mostly A-festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Sundance...) winners/participants, so our Shades of Day (based on Dostoevsky's White Nights was in a good company, along with Venus in Fur by Roman Polanski, Enemy by Denis Villneuve, Winter Sleep (Winner-Cannes, 2014) by Nuri Bilg Ceylan and other such great movies.

While SHADES OF DAY is set in modern-day Los Angeles, Dostoyevsky's original story takes place in St.Petersburg during the season of eternal never-ending light when "one sunrise follows another with no more than half an hour of night in-between..." For the film the upcoming screenings represent a homecoming of sorts: the festival will be held in the historical center of St. Petersburg during that same dreamlike time of year from June 23 to 29.  SEE YOU THERE!

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